Information for phone coordinators about moving from Chorus to Telephony over Teams

This page is for telephone coordinators and ITSS to help manage the move for some people from Chorus to Telephony over Teams in 2022.


The Chorus upgrade project is upgrading the Chorus system. Most people use only desk phones, and voicemail, accessed via their desk phone or email attachment, and the change for these people will be minimal.

However, due to supplier limitations some of the additional features available in Chorus cannot be upgraded and will no longer be available once the upgrade is complete, these are:

  • Chorus softphones - software for desktops or laptops that you use to make and receive calls, with a headset, speaker or microphone
  • Chorus web portal (
  • OpenScape Mobile (OSMO) phone app

Approximately 1,500 people across the collegiate University currently use the additional features and in most cases they will be able to access the equivalent functionality by moving to Telephony over Teams from June 2022.

As of 1 March 2022, telephone coordinators can see a new column in Phoneman called "MS Teams" indicating which people are eligible to move to Telephony over Teams to retain their existing softphone and mobile app functionality and will therefore need a license to use this feature.

Who is being offered Telephony over Teams?

We have prioritised the following people to get Telephony over Teams:

  • Those who were using Chorus softphone or the OpenScape Mobile (OSMO) phone app
  • Those who were using the Chorus web portal to set a preferred device
  • Those who make external phone calls whilst not at their office desk phone
  • People who are part of group working (Hunt groups or Executive Assistant groups) where the whole group is moving to Telephony over Teams

Please see this for more Information about moving from Chorus to Telephony over Teams

Supporting users in moving to Telephony over Teams

Here are some key considerations when deciding if someone should move from Chorus to Telephony over Teams:

  • Does this person use their softphone or mobile phone app functionality today, particularly to make or receive external telephone calls, or set a preferred device on their web portal? If so, then these people should be prioritised to move to Telephony over Teams so that they retain this functionality once Chorus is upgraded
  • It is not possible to have access to both the upgraded version of Chorus and Telephony over Teams, it is a choice of one or the other
  • Hunt groups: is the person in a Hunt group? If so, then the whole group either needs to stay with Chorus or all move to Telephony over Teams
  • Pick up groups: is the person in a Pick up group and using a softphone? Currently, when they are not in the office they cannot make use of this Pick up group feature, as they will not hear someone else's desk phone ring. When they are in the office, if they are using a desk phone, then they will be able to continue to pick up someone else's ringing desk phone. If they will be moving to Telephony over Teams, then they will no longer be able to be part of the Chorus-based Pick up group
  • Executive Assistant working: does the person use Executive Assistant working? If so, then the assistant and manager need to both stay with Chorus or both move to Telephony over Teams. Also, delegation, as this feature is called in Teams, does not provide the ‘white list’ functionality available in Chorus, where calls are sent directly to the manager
  • Is there anyone else in your unit that urgently needs a Telephony over Teams license before Chorus is upgraded?

The following web pages should help inform your response:

We would like ITSS/phone admins to check the list of names in the "MS Teams" column in Phoneman and email the Chorus upgrade project to let us know if the people indicated are happy to move over to Telephony over Teams.

What happens to desk phones?

For those people opting to use the Telephony over Teams solution, their deskphone will cease to function after they have been given access to the new solution. They will still have access to all of the features in Teams that they do currently, such as making and receiving internal calls and scheduling meetings with internal and external people, as well as the new features that Telephony over Teams brings, such as phone calls to external people. This project will not remove deskphones from peoples’ desks, although they will not longer function once they have moved to Telephony over Teams.

Which phone lines can't be moved to Telephony over Teams?

Some phone lines cannot be moved over to Telephony over Teams:

  • Phone lines that belong to people in areas of the University that have a separate instance of Teams:
    • Oxford University Endowment Management
    • Oxford University Innovation
    • Saïd Business School
  • Phone lines not assigned to a single person, or critical lines.

Contact centers will continue to use Chorus (the upgraded version) - the right solutions are required for these, and we need time to fully evaluate them.

Activity timeline

  • 16 February 2022 - ITSS / Chorus User Group briefing
  • 28 February 2022 - "Changes to Telephony at Oxford", briefing for telephone coordinators
  • 1 March 2022 - update to Phoneman to include a new column called "MS Teams", indicating people who might need to move to Telephony over Teams
  • 29 March 2022 - briefing for ITSS / telephone coordinators
  • 14 April 2022 - deadline for telephone coordinators to respond to the Chorus upgrade project with list of people in their unit who should get a Telephony over Teams license
  • May 2022 - further communication to users who will be getting Telephony over Teams and to those who might be affected but do not need a Telephony over Teams license; preparations for move to Telephony over Teams
  • June 2022 - people who are on the list to get a Telephony over Teams license will be moved across in batches, at which point their Chorus phones will stop working
  • July 2022 - Chorus upgrade takes place

Schedule for moving to Telephony over Teams

People will be moving over to Telephony over Teams in four tranches during May and June 2022:

  • 30 May - Tranche 1: 50 people already involved in the pilot and UAT, so familiar with ToT
  • 13 June - Tranche 2: 250 college users and 340 UAS users
  • 20 June - Tranches 3: 550 departmental users
  • 27 June - Tranche 3: anyone else who requests to move too late to go in earlier tranches

People will receive countdown emails with 3 weeks to go, 1 week to go and then the day/Friday before they move.


Chorus Upgrade Project:

Project sponsor:

Jemima Spare,
Chorus Service Delivery Manager

Project manager:

Shireen Walker