TMS features

TMS will deliver a range of features, many of which are not currently available to colleges and academic departments through OxCORT or other tools they might be using.  Some of the key elements are outlined below.

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  • No need to change roles 
  • Bulk entry 
  • Notifications (system generated): if a student misses a class the system will notify their organising tutor and personal tutor
  • Approval workflows for academic feedback and payment claims   
  • Alignment with SITS 
  • Set up tutors (including casuals) in directory of authorised tutors providing better vsiibility of available teaching abd areas of expertise
  • Set up teaching structures for programmes
  • Link tutors to students (via groups)
  • Manage stint for tutors
  • Set up admininstrative users and approvers
  • Create and manage teaching events
  • Record attendance, group sizes
  • Enter and approve academic feedback
  • Approval workflows 
  • View and run own stint reports
  • Publish available teaching events for students to sign-up
  • Single entry of teaching hours across a whole group
  • Templates to reduce repetitive tasks
  • Configure approved departmental rates
  • Enter payment method and rates
  • Approve payment information
  • Generate payments data
  • Generate invoice data
  • Online access to payment statements
  • View own released reports 
  • View own profile including data held on them about their study (in locked-down view only), their personal tutor, organising tutor, college affiliation and study structure 
  • View own teaching schedule 
  • Sign up for teaching where department has made use of this feature
  • Notification when they have reports available to review


Reports for administration staff to track teaching and payments


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