The programme team comprises staff in the Academic Administration Division and IT Services, working closely with colleagues in divisions, departments, and colleges. The programme team is led by Elaine Aitken, Programme Manager. 

Denise Conway, Acting Director of Academic IT, represents Academic IT on the Education IT Board. David White, Director of Student Systems, fulfils this role and coordinates the strategic roadmap for all Student Systems projects.

The programme reports to the Education IT Board. The Student Systems Steering Group assists this board in setting priorities for student systems projects. The Learning Technologies Advisory Group sets priorities for Academic IT projects.

The Education IT Programme comprises multiple Student Systems projects to support student administration, and Academic IT projects related to teaching and learning. Each project has a Project Board and User Group, where appropriate. The Project Board directs the project, whereas the User Group provides operational requirements, making sure the system is fit for purpose.








Education IT Programme
Location: Gibson Building
Tel: 01865 (6)13437